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January – Lesley Fraser at Positive Vibes

Thought I’d take the opportunity to tell you a little bit more about Positive Vibes, it’s ethos and how I help my clients.

Plain and simple, I help clients gain clarity on where they are now, restore balance back into their lives and, from this place of clarity, move forward with renewed focus.

I’ve attached a link to my Facebook page that says it all really.  It’s a story in the Scottish Sun about my youngest client, Katie. I first met Katie earlier this year when she won a raffle ticket for a free session with me. She’d suffered from a crippling fear of the wind for 2 years and the Doctor and Psychologist were at a point of not knowing what to do to help and her condition was worsening.

Family life had become extremely difficult, with Katie’s fear impacting on everyone’s lives. After coming to see me for 4 sessions using a combination of NLP and eyes open hypnosis I was able to help Katie become the little girl she should always have been.  She is now able to play outside with her friends, attending family parties and not be bothered by the forces of nature outside.

Whether it be social anxiety, fear of flying, smoking cessation, weight loss, confidence, relationship issues, I use a combination of Life Coaching, Hypnosis and NLP to help clients be the best they can be.

 I reckon our minds are our most powerful tool, so lets start using it to our advantage!

 Love Lesley


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